I want to learn how to put Blocks in our posts without putting in a picture

Plz help me I am seeing soooo many users do it but I want to do it to (also I need help to emb a project)

Here's how to take a script pic (as it's called):
Screenshot 2020-11-11 142445
Screenshot 2020-11-11 142541
Screenshot 2020-11-11 142603...
untitled script pic (16)

Unfortunately, I don't know what it means to


Looks great! Thanks!

Your welcome

Its like to put in your project without putting a link there

(sorry, I don't know how either)

when green flag clicked
move (10) steps

when green flag clicked
move (10) steps

Project page of a shared project, Embed button below, copy the HTML, paste in a post

(If you don't see a project above, then embedding projects into a forum post has been disabled by the moderators)

Oh, cool!
I knew that worked in scratch forums but not that it worked in Snap!.

Like this?


embed works now

Omg!!!!!!!!! This is sooooooo col!!!!!!!

Like this:
(press the eye)

It does nothing

:cat: do :cat: not :cat: click :cat: the :cat: project :cat: as :cat: it :cat: incessantly :cat: opens :cat: a :cat: scratch :cat: project :cat: even :cat: if :cat: you :cat: close :cat: it :cat:

edit: ok its fixed now :sweat_smile: