I think I found a bug with rotation style and costume switching

O, wow, I wasn’t even aware of that option. Thx for showing me!

Huh. I was able to recreate this:

  • Win 11
  • Chrome

were you able to reproduce the bug ?

Oh. that's really a bug...

the problem seems to come from the block put my style of rotation, the rotation x and the rotation have been altered after the execution on this block (if direction = 90 and if you change the costume!)

What's "rotation x" ?

pivot or rotation x&y are the same thing...

manual page 133:

The pivot option shows a crosshair inside the sprite:
You can click and drag the crosshair anywhere onstage to set the costume’s pivot point. (If you move it outside the sprite, then turning the sprite will revolve as well as rotate it around the pivot.)

When done, click on the
stage not on the crosshair. Note that, unlike moving the pivot point in the Paint Editor, this technique does not
visibly move the sprite on the stage. Instead, the values of x position and y position will change.

ok thx

Does the “script pic” function work for you yet?

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yes, why ?

thx, but i couldn't see any pen for some reason ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but now i found it and i changed the topic post

I was just curious :smirk:

Does anyone know how to fix this ?

Maybe the size and rotation center of each costume is different which would make it slowly move in a direction. I don't know. I can only pick up what I read.

I don't know, i thought that the costume would be placed depending on where the rotation center should be.

I checked and the rotation center doesn't seem to move at all.

I tried with a different value an it looks like setting the rotation style to 3 instead of 0 also works and it doesn't make the sprite move, so ig that my problem is solved now.