I think I found a bug with rotation style and costume switching

When i run this code

Untitled script pic (4)

(the 2 costumes have to be different), the sprite starts moving for some reason, i don't understand what are the factors that influence the "speed" of the sprite but it looks like the direction of the sprite and the size of the costumes are linked with the "speed" of the sprite, i'm sorry but i don't know how to take videos of my screen so i can't show it but i hope someone will be able to explain me why is it happening.

Hello @poussin, welcome to this forum!
You can paste code to a post like this:

  1. Within the IDE (= Snap! itself), mouse-click on the script or single block you would like to copy. From the pop-up window, select “script pic”; if applicable, select “download”. The code will now be in the newest file within your “downloads” folder.
  2. While editing the forum post, select the sixth icon from the left from the overhead menu. Select “files”. Navigate to the download folder, select the appropriate file, select “open”. It will now be pasted into your post.

All of this may not work when you’re quite new to the forum. You will be “trusted” after a few days (or hours, or … something), just wait and see :smile:

How did you do this? Can’t find the appropriate blocks!

it's part of the "set _ to _" in the variables category.

the very last option in the dropdown menu is "my >", there you can also select "rotation style"

Ok, thank you but I can't find how to edit my post :confused:

i think your code run too fast!

try to add a wait block before switching to costume untitled(2)

can you share your project ?

I could not recreate this with the following script:

block var testing script pic

Am I missing something?

no, even when i run each blocks spearately, the sprite can still move

it's not in a project, i was just testing some stuff in snap

did you make sure that costume 1 and costume 2 are differents ? (btw completely forgot to mention it, but when the sprite's direction equals 90, it doesn't move)

They are 2 different costumes with different names and different sprites.

I changed the direction of the sprite, but it still did not move.

If you want to record your screen and don't want to download any software you can use https://screenrecorderonline.net/
Then upload your recording to Google Drive and share the link here.

The rotation style parameter does not make the sprite move...

if your sprite move, you have a rotation center problem...

When I try to post the message, I get an error message that tells me that I can't include links in my post :confused:

I checked and the rotation center is ok

try separating the link with spaces
thats a restriction for new users
it will be removed once you look around the forum some more and stay active

btw, how do i change blocks size ? i changed the code a bit and the quality of the screen recorder makes it hard to read so i'd like to make them bigger

Click on the settings button on the top left of the screen and click zoom blocks

h ttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1_cBk1toLiqo7SoySQqdLu4xDeJZVIxps/view?usp=sharing

I don't have permission to view the file.

should be good now