I need help how do i make colision

i need to make colision for game im a new coder

what do you mean? do you want to detect colision?


note: when it collide, it collide 100 times for each pass... (??? depend on the speed, the collision occurs on each frame)

no im making a 2d game like mario but he just falls through the ground

Share your project, we will help you

ok how

Save it to the cloud, share it, share the link...

Get the sensor block. Select the id of the color or select it and choose if touches color and go to left or right so if the player touches the color of a Brick, the player goes elsewhere.

using touching color is not a very good way to test collisions, and it's also slow. Use touching [sprite] instead.

send me link pls

oh yes i forgot about that

I don't know if it's a good approach, but it's a start !


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