I may need some help on debugging this fighting game i made

Feel free to help me debug my new fighting game project! here's the link: Fighting Game Foxy by oscar robinson - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)

Hey, everybody. In case you need the link again, here it is. I'm having trouble debugging Foxy's attack movements and getting them to work. I could really use some help right about now... I may need some help on debugging this fighting game i made - Share your Projects - Snap! Forums (berkeley.edu)

"Slash sequence" is interrupted by "Idle". They run concurently messing with costume.

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m'kay, how do i fix it? do i just remove idle or is there another way

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There is a demo project:Username=dardoro&ProjectName=Fighting%20Game%20Foxy.II. To avoid overlapping of an animation sequences costumes are switched in coordinated way by dedicated loop.

Fighting Game Foxy.II script pic changes costumes in chosen intervals.

Fighting Game Foxy.II script pic (1) a costume, timeout and looping mode can be chosen. This way, at any given moment only one animation is performed.

Sprite has many costumes in sequence : Pose, Pose1, Pose2... Animation is choosen by setting local variable "pose". In looped mode after last costume named e.g "Pose3", the "Pose" is choosen again. Otherwise "Idle" is started.