I made a Snap Primitive extension to detect if right clicks

Add https://subtle-lily-79d38e.netlify.app/manifest.js to the src_load(url) primitive block and run it
(you should get this)
and then you have a right-click detector without js in the reporter primitive block you can get from options->extension blocks and then at the bottom of the variables category
NOTE: You have to run it everytime you restart the project

i was worried this src_load(url) method was some sort of vulnerability, until i ran it and it said there was an url whitelist only deactivated by enabling js.

oh, there is? damn

But it is still super easy to write a userscript that adds any url to the whitelist, it's just one line. Of course this is only in your browser, so you should only add urls that you trust, but still, it's super easy to do.

people who cant use userscripts:
Guess Ill Just Die GIFs | Tenor

but i wouldn’t call userscripts a vulnerability, as the intent of having to manually switch on JS is so the project doesn’t run potentially dangerous/deceptive code without the user’s knowledge or consent. getting and running a userscript requires knowledge and consent. so might as well just ask the user to just turn on JavaScript in settings.

also @mr_owlssssnap2 you can use bookmarklets. they’re bookmarks that have javascript:(put one liner here) as its url.

i know, but you have to manually switch on bookmarklets
i made this at the end of last year
javascript:var e=prompt("age?");if (e < 18) {alert("Error: \nToo young to access this file.");} else if (e > 18) {var a=prompt("Password? \nHint: The password is secret");if (a == "secret") {alert("Welcome!");var ee=prompt("1. About Owlsss Bookmarklets \n2. coming soon!");if (ee == 1) {alert("Owlsss bookmarklets is a bookmarklet company.");} else {alert("coming soon!")}} elsealert("WRONG PASSWORD");}