I cant mark my own project as a remix of another project, even though it it is?


(the last picture is the original) ^^^

i have the same issue on my own project

weird. I was editing a gd remake to make it look more like gd, but i cant mark it as remix

How are you trying to mark it as a remix?

by pressing the "mark as remix" button at the bottom?

I cant post the image because it keeps giving me an error, but its the "Mark as Remix of another project" button underneath the "report project" button

there we go

Sorry it took me so long to look into this. You should now be able to mark your own projects as remixes.

Please let me know if it doesn't work. Thanks!

Thanks! It works!

what?you can remix?
i dont think you can copy other projects

what are you talking about..?

Just edit a different project someone made, and save it.



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