I can't do 2 at one time!

Hey there! I need help with my project. I have my main sprite moving with a "When left arrow clicked change x by -10" and the same for right arrow. But I have to jump in my game so I have a "when up arrow key pressed glide to x position y+100 then .0000001 seconds then glide to x position y-100. So when I try to move to the right/left while I'm in the air, it doesn't work!

Yes, because using the "glide" block, you are fixing the target point at the beginning of the jump... and you can't change it while you are in the air.

Your jump must affect to "y position". Then, your "x position" will be still free to react to other events.

You can do this in different ways, but a very useful one is to use the "Animation" library. The idea was something like this:


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Thanks for the tips! I just have one question though. How do you make the animate blocks because I searched for them and I can’t find it.

In the File menu (where Open, Save, etc. are) there's a "Libraries..." entry. Click that, then choose "Animation" about 2/3 of the way down.

Thank You!