I am seeing weird triangles in the editor

Where are all these triangles coming from?!

That's very weird indeed. What were you doing before opening an empty project?

Do you mean on Snap, on my browser or on my computer as a whole?
On Snap: I clicked "Run Snap" from the home page.
On browser (Edge): I was on Scratch, Minecraft - sort of. (100% pen) on Scratch (mit.edu) specifically.
On computer: Files, Minecraft.

On Snap!/browser.
That is weird. I can't seem to reproduce it.
Try restarting your browser.

refresh the page?

I tried that, multiple times. The triangles disappear at first, but they soon come back.

restart the computer?

close the tab, create a new one, then enter the same URL?

see if there's anything in the console?

try updating your browser.

Why am I not seeing triangles in that picture?

(P.S. You should know better than to use such a vague title for a thread! :~<)

I changed it from

There is something wrong with the Snap! editor


I am seeing weird triangles in the editor

I have no idea. I assumed .png or .jpeg or whatever it is displayed the same on anyone's computer.


This could be the act of offensive scripts that were introduced into the file.
Are there any external scripts? Use inspect tool to check


Are you talking about the one huge blue/green triangle?

Try logging out of your account and back in?
it worked when i had a similar issue on scratch lol

Woah! This is weird!

And numerous others, like the one above the scripting are and the many in the block palette.
I know how to inspect a page, but not what to look for.

Does it happen only in flat mode?