Huge security flaw

when i was figuring out my password cause i forgor so i was trying different passwords and seeing if change password would tell me if i would get a password wrong and eventually i got it but it changed my password to " " without quotes i fixed it but i shouldn't be able to do that

tldr you can change your password to nothing which is the weakest password possible

@bh serious stuff

When yoi discover a security flaw, it's best to email the snap devs instead of announcing it publicly on the forum.


oops sorry

Nothing keeps you from shooting your self.
You can also announce your password

The first one sounds like you mean a space character, whereas the second sounds like you mean an empty string. I agree that we shouldn't let you have an empty password, not so much for security reasons as because it's likely to be hard to implement correctly, given null-terminated strings in most (all?) current programming languages. But yeah, if you want a space character as your password, go for it.

but actually don't since now we know that it is a possibility

no it isnt a space i meant as in a 0 character password