HTML grabber for sites isn't working?

Whenever I use the block URL. I will get nothing from it, however if i try to get the HTML from Snap's website it will work. Does anyone know why this happens? Or is it a bug???

This is a bug in the Internet. If you're a bank or something, you don't want to let other people's programs ping your web site. So they invented a feature for site authors to tell client browsers whether or not to allow such a request. This is a stupid piece of security, since it relies on the cooperation of the user's browser, and bad guys can make their own. But to make it even stupider, they set the default to disallow everyone from everyplace, so sites have to go to extra effort to allow it, and most don't bother even though they don't have a security issue. So, tell the webmaster of the site you want to read to allow CORS.

Meanwhile, search for "CORS proxy." They come and go.

1 Like seems to be pretty stable from my experience.

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I thought "why is the url block not working" but I remembered to search first before posting :slight_smile:

@biran4454 suggestion works lovely :slight_smile:


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Also, just tried using it to access a webserver running on one of my raspberry pi on my LAN and eventually realised that I needed to explicitly use http:// otherwise it tries to use https://


Hi @cymplecy,

If you don't explicity a protocol, url block uses the protocol of the Snap! instance.

So, if you are using, it uses https and if you are using then it uses http.

This is important also for external calls. You need work on extensions site (or other http instance) if you want to call other external "http" pages.