How You Found Snap!

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I found Snap first when I found a link to it somewhere and found out that Snap! had a lot of capabilities that Scratch didn't, and I rediscovered it when I was messing around with the codification features (using my first account, not this one), and joined the forums.

I had heard of Scratch before I started with Snap, but I actually never used it before. I was first introduced to Snap! in a high school CS class, and I really enjoyed using it.

I have been on Scratch for almost 6 years on and off, and one day I was looking at the wiki page on Scratch for how to use scratchblocks, and I found a link at the bottom for Snap! so I decided to check it out. I felt like Scratch was a little bit limited as far as making complicated projects, and I really liked that you could make reporter blocks and such, so I stayed.
My first Snap! project was kind of like flappy bird in space, where you dodged incoming asteroids and tried to survive for as long as possible.

I have been on scratch for over 2 years, but found snap in late 2019 while I was looking for scratch mods.

i found Snap! when i was looking for scratch mods and scratch alternatives in November 2020

Same here!

Hello, and welcome to How You Found Snap! :grinning:
Reply and give your testimony of how you found out about the site, or what you thought of it.
You can:

  1. Tell about your first project
  2. What you think of it
  3. Tell a story of how you got to know the site

Feel free to reply and to help people out!

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I have been on scratch for 2 weeks, i switch to snap for some limitations in my first scratch project. No regrets !

I found Snap! through Scratch. Either the wiki or a signature on the forums, i don't know.

Yeah, i knew that

I found snap! on the scratch wiki.

What is your username for Scratch?

Scratch wasn't working for me so I found this website while trying to look for alternatives! I didn't log in to this website until a few days ago :\

None of my old accounts are still alive to this day, but I made a new one called @helicoptur_scratch.
(Edit: Never mind, actually my very first account is still around but I'm not sharing because a) it has no shared projects or other information on it so it's uninteresting b) i dont use it and c) the name contains sensitive information.)

I can see! welcome to the forums!

ME too! -Phoenix