How to use morphic.js

Some of the custom block libraries do things like change the settings using morphic.js methods. Is there any documentation on morphic.js?

The source file with the long comment can be found here:

There is a very long comment at the beginning of the file.

let test = new StringMorph('Test text',60,'serif')
test.isDraggable = true
test.setPosition(new Point(90,90))

You mean:

var test = new StringMorph('Test text',60,'serif');
test.isDraggable = true;
test.setPosition(new Point(90,90));

That's what I mean. I edited my post

ok then and good programming style!(let instead of var which doesnt add anything to global object and results in happier garbage collectors and better memory management :slight_smile: )
I'm used to var because ka doesnt let me use anything other then var (let const etc)

The only way to learn how to use Morphic.js now is to either read jens's long comment or to read the source of Morphic.

(also, not related, but if you're 11 you shouldn't have twitter. And Node.js > PHP)