How to use "map to..." blocks in the Codification project?

I'm trying to convert a script to JavaScript using the Codification template but I'm not quite sure where to start. I exported the script to a .xml file, dragged it into the codification project, and tried placing the script inside the "set script to ____ " block but it doesn't seem to do anything. I also tried placing the script in the "Main" C-block inside the "Map to JavaScript" block but again, nothing happened. No clue what to do.

Heres a link to a Codification template with the script. The script is under the 2nd sprite.

You need to run the map to javascript block first, then drop your script in a code of block, then that will report the javascript.
Note, the javascript you get might not work.

After looking at your script, I have noticed that unfortunately, your script won't work unless you write code to mak the blocks work. I'm talking about the motion blocks, key pressed blocks, basically just the blocks that need a sprite.


he didn't do anything. If you load the codification example project, you can see that alonzo is the same. I think that alonzo image was from byob, or just an early version of him.


just so you know, I don't think bh was the once who made the codification project. If you scroll down in the notes for the project, you can see it says


so I think it was jens who made the project.

Also, can you stop. The project was made years ago, so you can't expect it to be the best quality.


Please don't yell in the forum. You should know better than that by now. It pretty much guarantees that whoever you're talking to will just ignore you.

sorry, it was also supposed to be a joke

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