How to use list for inputs

How do I do something like his:
Command Maker script pic

[scratchblocks]run({glide()secs to x:()y:()::motion}@addInput::grey)input list:(list[3][50][0]@delInput@addInput::list)::control[/scratchblocks]
Drag the list block over the arrows

i want an block that fills all the blanks without doing that. im trying to make a coding engine

What is a


Programming language?

Do you have a project I could see, with exactly what you want to do? If not, could you explain what you want to do?

send script pic of the definition

If that's not clear:
Right click script > script pic...

just give the list as an input and the use the item one of () block

That works, but, as you said, it's the hard way. @helicoptur's way:

is better.

Yep. (I almost quoted that, actually.)

Hello, everyone, I Managed to solve my problem, so I dont need help anymore. Someone please close this.

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