How to slant a costume?

It's not really a problem, but i wanted to know how to make a costume look slanted.

I tried the stretch feature by making the width different on the costume
I'm bad at explaining so here's the illustration:


Close enough to what i wanted, but i didn't want any cuts

skew script pic
not particularly fast but this works

this is very basic, it only works for positive amounts and doesn't have any interpolation (non-integer amounts will be jagged)

the if block is used because the if expression iterates through lists instead of operating on them as a whole

Thanks! i was looking for a way to make Shadows btw... but i should've asked that before...

My version - just slants 45

if you're trying to make shadows you need to give a lot more context, the whole geometry and perspective of the scene and the style of the rest of the project needs to be taken into account

Turned the slanted costume monochrome and overlayed the original on top of it to give a basic effect
[edit - removed unnecessary csv packing/unpacking]

it would make more sense to set it to all black and divide the alpha by some number

This seems to give a more even, monochromatic look to it

Added a bit off vertical compression to shadow image

This could keep me off the streets for days :slight_smile:

very clever to use reshape and a super beautiful and useful result! I love this challenge and what it has turned into. See, stuff like this is what makes the Snap! community awesome. Thank you!

Thanks y'all for the suggestions! I hope you remember Snap Blocks+, so I'm going to add these blocks to the Snap+ Exclusive Pack! (and as always i'll credit the original creator)

can you give me the user-friendly version of this one? i need one for effects

Hope this will do for you

Now with workaround for the % issue

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