How to run Snap! on the Nintendo Switch (No custom f

  1. Go to System Settings > Internet Settings > [your router ssid] > Change Setting

  2. Set the DNS Settings from Automatic to Manual

  3. Set the primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to you routers secondary DNS

  4. Click Save

  5. Click Connect to This Network, before you do that make sure that your console is close enough to the router, atleast 1 meter

  6. An error will appear that says "Registration is required to use this network." If so, Click Next

  7. Click Enter URL

  8. Enter

i wrote this on the nintendo switch btw

You can also use Snap! on the Echo Show by opening Firefox ("Alexa, open firefox" or something along those lines).

can you actually do this?

yes you can

does the editor work on the nintendo switch?

I don't think so because it needs javascript to run.

Browsers should support JavaScript...

Why shouldn't the Nintendo Switch browser support JavaScript? This forum requires it, and he said that he/her wrote the post on the Switch.

this is really just "how to go on the internet on nintendo switch"

well i tested it and it works, scratch doesnt tho