How to personalize your own block with a personal image?

I wonder whether it is possible to add your own image in the title of a block ?

And if it is, how ? And with which format your image has to be included in ?
Thank you.

Sorry, Nathalie, but you can currently only use Snap's internal symbols on blocks. At while ago I did have a test version in dev that let you use any costume as symbol on blocks, but there were some issues, so I've taken it out again.

Oh, I see Jens, thank you.
And what about letting us use a simple icon as symbol (not a custome) ?
To do something like :
Capture d’écran 2020-10-31 à 14.29.19

Ah, wait! @nathalierun you can do that! You can use any unicode character as symbol, and you can specify its relative size and even its color in this format: $symbol-size-r-g-b

Oh, nice. I could do that : essai_map_to_aseba script pic
with the U+058D armenien symbol.
But I can't use an image of mine like on the scratch block shown before.

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