How to pendown penup quickly?

do I have to move my pen to paint a pixel? is there way to do this without moving?

2D Atmosphere scattering script pic
^doesnt work

edit: while using "flat line ends" option

You could possibly make a one pixel sprite and stamp it-not tried it and not at computer at moment

untitled script pic (13)

this doesnt work :no_mouth:

this could actually work. its still easy to increase the size just like pen. size(pensize x 100)

MOVE 0 STEPS with the pen down will put down a single-pixel dot.

oh now I realised.. your solutions working on disabled flat line ends option! maybe not adding the thing in flat line ends was intentional. i dont know. only solution for square drawing is using a costume for now I guess

sorry about that. I updated the question. I need to do this while "flat line ends" option is enabled

To draw square around sprite center
move0 script pic (2)
or at right
move0 script pic (3)

thats genius! I was thinking about looking at the picture like "filling between 2 points instead of drawing 2 square" but that is way better adapting to situation! Thanks