How to make live audio?

I understand the 'live audio' would be slightly delayed because of the quality and speed of the cloud server but would someone give me the code for live audio please?

basically audio is live in Snap! In the sensing category there is the microphone reporter that gets you live information about what's being picked up right now, including the volume, pitch and even the live samples.

I mean like cloud variable live (e.g could be used as a phone).

Well, you could do something like
cloud ID [exampleid]::sensing//required for the script to work
set cloud var [foo] to (jsonify([samples v] of sound [cat v]::sound)::operators)::sensing//send sound to cloud
play sound(listify (cloud var [foo]::sensing)::operators) until done//retrieve sound from cloud
Of course, it would take FOREVER to load, meaning code for something like a phone wouldn't be readily possible, but it is a way
Link to a project that has the blocks needed in/for the example

Mmm. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Thanks for the help, I was already aware of that.. I was asking more about LIVE AUDIO STRAIGHT FROM MIC. It would go from Mic > Cloud Variables > Front End User

microphone [samples v]

i tried that, but it just soulds like the frequency block, but like x700.
i tried to record live audio

unless ive been using it wrong.
i use that microphone samples block with the new sound block.

eg in this project

Ah, ok, I thought you meant sounds you would record in the editor and then send over, like a voice-chat IM program. I was only using the 'cat' sound as an example.

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