How to make games to html

i got permanetly banned from scratch becuz my older brother was using it for a while (idk what he did :frowning: ) but anyways me and older brother liked to make our scratch games into html and idk how!!!!! i do that. on snap! also u guys are cool i found this online and my older broth had an account so yay sorry for long paragrap.

As far as I know, the only way to turn a Snap! project into HTML is use some <script> tags and import all of Snap!'s JS files, and then use API.js to load a project.

There was Snapp!, but that no longer works.

so i do javascrpt to html?

i tried and unlikethe scratch i cannot play it

to insert javascript into html, put it between <script> </script> tags, like @joecooldoo said.

where to find script script


the script blocks

so i made a litle animaion but idk how to get it to hteml :frowning:

i know i am anoying but where is te script block

Are you talking about <script>? Because thats not a block.

I'm making a website to do this; it is not complete, though.

Thanks you I will have to check it out sometime

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