How to make custom block dropdowns?

First, this doesn't help, so don't tell me this.

I would like to make a block with a dropdown, but I can't figure out how.

make block>input name>single input>
this icon≥options

ok thanks

No problem

May I ask why the manual didn't help? (It's now on page 57, not 45, if that's the problem.)

it's better to give a strait answer rather than "go look it up." I personally don't like people telling me to go read the manual, but I'm fine with people saying "it says on page ... of the manual, ..."

Psychologically people don't want to search data about something. It's better to get
answer by ask in e.g. forums- fast and quickly.

But by posting on the forum you have to make a new post and then type up your title and information on the post, then wait for a few minutes for an answer and the "answer" you'd most likely get is basically stuff like "Oh, I've been wondering something like this" or something like that,

COMPARED to by going on to the manual and search it up, and get your answer in 5 seconds!

I was asking the OP, who explicitly said "don't tell me it's on page 45 of the manual." I took that to mean that they looked in the manual and didn't find an answer they could understand. So I want to know if there's something pedagogically wrong with the manual that I might fix.

I'm afraid the problem is not with the manual... :disappointed:

I agree. People would rather be lazy and get easier answers in a longer time span rather than getting harder answers in a shorter time span.

You say this as if it's an agonizingly long thing to do.

that's not entirely true. It actually can be harder to find the answer you're looking for in a manual than getting the answer from a person on the internet. Plus, answers from people tend to be more strait forward than a manual.

is there a problem with that? And it's not lazy to ask a question. People (including me) might not want to read a manual to find out how to do something in a programming language.

I just want to say this to give an example as to why asking is faster.
Many times, when I'm working on a javascript (or any other language) project, and I want to do something, I search it up, only to spend 20-50 minutes (just guessing here) just going from link to link, and changing my wording, just to find a simple answer that may not always a good one. It's much easier and faster to ask a question to get an answer from someone who DOES know the answer. Also, most of the solutions to problems I'm having is from other people asking the same question, not a manual.

if you want to know more, just search "what happened to stack overflow" on youtube.


Could you give a fuller explanation of why that didn't help?

Was it that, as Brian has pointed out, that it's moved to page 57?

Or did you not know a manual existed or how to access it?

Oh, sorry.

It wasn't on pg 45, I was confused.
Also yes, I agree

I use stack overflow all the time...

I knew it existed, but it wasn't on pg 45.


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