How to make a repeating decimal of anything you want

Not sure if this is a general problem, or even a snap problem, but to make a repeating decimal out of anything you want, just divide it by 9 for each digit in the number.
1337/9999 = .1337 repeating
42/99 = .42 repeating
3.5/9.9 = .35 repeating

Maybe we should have a math category!

Usually people want to do the opposite: turn a repeating decimal into an exact rational. But your suggestion solves that problem too.

I guess. yay i solved two problems.
I just think repeating decimals are cool, and making your own is cool too.

Maybe. How many categories are too many?

As you can see, I'm starting to make subcategories instead of new toplevel categories. I'm going to do more of that...

To do the opposite, replace the division sign with the multiplication sign. For example:

0.1337133713371337133713... * 9999 = 1337
0.4242424242424242424242... * 99 = 42
0.3535353535353535353535... * 9.9 = 3.5

Easy as pie, and easy as doing it the other way!

was the pun intentional? you said pie, like pi, and pi is a repeating decimal

pi isn't a repeating decimal but it does sound like a pun and i think i'm gonna solution his message because its really helpful to at least someone out there


Can you make a subcategory named 'Related sciences' for topics that are neither strictly CS not math, but nevertheless related? I have just read this, which could be posted in such a subcategory.

Done, but you mean you want to post a link, right, not the whole article? Don't let's get in copyright trouble. :~)