How to make a "difference between" block

First, make a custom block. Set it up like this:

Screenshot 2022-03-16 11.15.44 AM

the first slot should be named "num1" and the second slot "num2"

then set up the code inside it like this:

Screenshot 2022-03-16 11.15.07 AM

The reason you need the absolute is that it would be the same as using the mod block:

We do not want negative numbers, which is what the mod block reports.

No, MOD has nothing to do with it. To see that, take a case in which the first number is much larger than the second number, e.g., 100 and 2. The correct answer is 98, but 100 mod 2 is 0.

ohh..that makes sense.

i'm new to snap! and I just suck at math in general. Please correct me if I make any slip ups in the future. I'm still learning.

That's why we're here! :~)

I'm still learning.

what a strange way to make an introduction, on this months old topic.

regardless, welcome to snap!

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so what i wanted to provide our new bot / spammer a warm, friendly welcome to snap.

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