How to lower lag for clones?

I teach an intro to comp sci course for high schoolers. A lot of them get into using clones, but Snap! quickly lags. For example, I have a student on this 2nd day of class that created this project and it begins to lag when there are only 5-10 clones on the screen.

Mouse clicks fire a projectile, which launches you the opposite direction.

Are there tricks people have for lower lag levels? My only solutions so far are:

  1. Try a browser other than chrome and it is sometimes better
  2. Keep the stage in the regular/minimized view and not full screen.

Thank you


I think the problem is having a ton of forever loops for every clone.

Interesting. It doesn't just lag uniformly. It runs fine for a while, then it goes through seven or eight (for me anyway) total stops followed by jerks, then back to running fine. So unless there's a bug in your code that wasn't obvious to me, I'm going with a garbage collection issue.

By the way, if you set flag variables to U5 TTT ITIT-TIF solution file script pic or U5 TTT ITIT-TIF solution file script pic (1) instead of using text strings, you can just say U5 TTT ITIT-TIF solution file script pic (2) instead of U5 TTT ITIT-TIF solution file script pic (3), which makes your program a little faster and (imho) a lot more readable.

Maybe Jens will have a suggestion when he's back from vacation.

btw, this should go in help with snap and not how to. How to is for tutorials, and help with snap is for... help with snap...