How to get user's username

Not sure how to use JS for this but I was wondering.

Do you want this?



I suspect that will be sufficient! Where can I find resources for learning Snap! JavaScript?

Some comments...

  • Snap! is written in JS and is open. So, the main source is Snap! code
  • Many libraries have blocks with JS code. I think these are the best sources to learn "Snap! code" and how to use it in your projects.
  • And I hope this forum will be a perfect place to learn and share ideas.

To learn Snap! code is a good way to empower yourself (and thus empower youth, just empowering educators). And this power to use the own Snap! code is a great bridge that allows everybody to move from user to contributor.


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Adding to what Joan said: If you want to learn your way around the Snap! source code, the canonical starting place is the large comment at the beginning of morphic.js. That's the closest thing we have to a Program Logic Manual.