How to get rid of empty spaces in lists?

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I'm making a simple password generator for my school project, but keep finding an error. The generator consists of special characters, letters, and numbers, so when clicking on all of them it works perfectly fine, but when I only click on one of the switches, there are empty spaces in my list. Is there an easier way to fix my code or a block that can get rid of these blocks?


i don't think you should be trying to remove empty spaces, you shouldn't be putting them there in the first place. what's putting empty spaces in the list and why is it doing that?

PS:Passwords should not have only speacial characters so you should list that as an undefined feature

<keep items <value =/ " " > in (list)>
I just read the manual

The reason this is happening is that the ITEM block reports an empty string if the given list has no such item number as you're asking for. In particular, ITEM (RANDOM) OF (LIST) reports an empty string. That's why you're getting empty items in your result. To fix it, you might want to say

and so on.

got it, thank you

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