How to draw using pen by only using their perspective drawing board?

I know, it sounds confusing... But let me explain further.

I want a sprite to draw the amount of sun I have.
but one sprite displays the sun count of this plant.

They are both sharing the same pen trails, so both sprites will cause graphical glitches the more I update this project and add more sprites drawn on the same drawing board.
I want them to have separate pens so that there won't be any interference.

Is there a workaround for this?

They do each have its own pen!

I don't understand "glitches." Are you stamping them?

I think unifiedadvanc3r wants multiple pen trail layers, or a workaround thereof.

Oh. I suppose that's possible by, every time you draw, saving the XOR of the old pentrails and the new pentrails. Or for that matter just log the drawing instructions and then replay them as needed.

there's a few different things you can do, the general two things are to either:

  • after using pen, always use (pen trails) to turn it into a costume and clear the pen right after
  • coordinate every sprite that uses the pen with things like broadcasts or callbacks from one main pen handling script
  • write code in some central event loop format or javascript format

can you stop with javascript? it isn't at all needed here and considering the previous posts i can't see this in any other way than to be snarky
"javascript format" isn't even a thing
if you want to discuss javascript you should probably be in some kind of javascript forum

This is snap, not javascript. Just stop.

why are you talking about js, js for n00bz. you should instead write Snap! programs in raw machine code. and don’t even write it in a hex editor, real programmers use the flap of a butterfly’s wings. the disturbance focuses cosmic rays onto the drive, flipping the desired bit.


cuz i didnt learn control structures originating from jump instead of while loops or data structures originating from raw bytecode instead of data aggregates
tldr:snap does not enhance javascript with things other than some hyper ish list related blocks(combinations x,reshape x,etc,dk how to use,im not a apl guy) or readability(does not matter) or abbreviations(when any is pressed is better than saying add event listener key press function e keys dot e equals true add event listener key release function e keys dot e equals false) so its better to use snap with javascript coding style
on the other hand javascript enhances a huge lot than in c or fortran or even jump based languages mostly in array and string functions and hofs
wait was that really a too short dont read?whoa

ps:im better off with my parity language than actual machine code bc smaller instruction set and no that much memory storage devices like registers but actuall computers all use registers and input output stuff complicated

uh then i mean with only one script and sprite
cuz u dont have those in js and i still dont get how to convineintly communicate between sprites(instead of doing tell or ask you could just goto and stamp)

yeah,i should :frowning:
i was actually seeking for a javascript forum but this is the only forum that is easily accessed and active(although not much active)

Maybe i could just compile the pen trails when starting the game... Just like how the original game did, but worse. But hey, at least waiting for the game to start has a reason now...

So this is what i did to compile

To save time, i made the sun count go to 5 each time by said repeat number, draw the sun count, add the pen trails, add the same last costume except with a modified name (the JavaScript part), delete the first costume, and so on.
(the "switch to costume" block i added is a debugging algorithm I use to see if it's working)

Indeed, if you think that, and if you don't want to learn anything new (such as APL style) then I guess we don't have much to offer you.

But please either leave or act civilized here.

i do

well lol certainly i wont say dirty words or insults

Perhaps I misinterpreted that long message of yours. I'd feel more guilty except other people did too. I guess you have to try harder to just say what you mean.

Instead of all that, maybe ask a question. Not a "what's Snap! all about" level question, but a "could you give a practical example in which hyperblocks help" kind of question. Or, even better, "I tried making this project but I can't get such-and-such to work."

So, ice cream. Large or small. Vanilla, Chocolate, Eggnog, or Pumpkin. Cone or cup. We want the menu listing, which is
combinations [small large] [vanilla chocolate eggnog pumpkin] [cone cup]
which reports the list
[[small vanilla cone]
[small vanilla cup]
[small chocolate cone]
[large pumpkin cup]]

Or you want a deck of cards:
combinations [ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 jack queen king] [of]
[hearts spades diamonds clubs]

Or games in a tournament, or ... does that help?

yeah so thats when you only want to just output combinations
im just asking if there is a side effect like in the reshape function(duplicating non lists)

None of the list reporters have side effects. RESHAPE returns a new list with the same data as the original, but a different geometry.