How to create a LIST of IMAGES?

I would like to create a list of images?

Wait I'm confused.. Are you talking about costumes or some image data type in another language?
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Just do add (new costume (pixels) width (width) height (height)) to list (list)

I think the OP wants something different from what you're answering, namely,
untitled script pic

HI-sorry for the delay- I am interested in a list of images, which could be sprite costumes, or images that I have on my camera. I have a student that wants to have a list of images of food items for her project. I also now have a student that needs to store sounds in a list.

hi- Sorry for the delay -
I am interested in either a list of costumes, as shown , or a list of images imported from the computer. I have a student that wants a list of images of food items for her project. I now have a student who wants to store sounds as elements of a list. I'm thinking of the Quiz App project from BJC where you had a list of quiz questions and answers stored. My student needs to store a phrase and then his recorded audio of the phrase.

I think I figured it out- totally forgot about that block. YAY!!

you can use @pumpkinhead's file import library