How low is the snap! floor?

Im wondering bc i'm going to make such an advance game that might just either brake snap! or exceed 10MB and this brings me to my other question that i will ask in my other post....

also i want to reach the low floor! reply if you have feedback/questions or want to help me!

What do you mean by "low floor"?

I assume they mean what is the minimum amount of Bytes you can use to store a Snap! project with nothing in it. No scripts, no blocks, only the categories and blocks in them and UI.

I don't know what @sladescar means, but what people in the Logo community (which includes Scratch and Snap! people) mean by "low floor, high ceiling" is that a novice user can jump right in without having to learn a lot of stuff (as opposed to a language such as JavaScript which has an ornate syntax, an even more ornate object model, and so on, which you need to understand to add two and two), but that an expert user is unlikely to find limitations to the language. So, it's about the cognitive demand on users rather than anything about computer resources.

In our arrogant youth we said "no floor, no ceiling," but that turned out not to be quite true.

In inventing Scratch, Mitch Resnick was interested in allowing for the kinds of projects that would appeal to non-nerds, so media computation and the like, and so he added "wide walls" to the slogan. (And sorta stopped saying "high ceiling" but never mind...)

I assume that by saying "the low floor" you mean the minimum amount of Bytes you can use to store a Snap! project that is all empty.

BTW it's 7KB. I made a project titled "TEST" with an empty background and nothing in it.

You should've named it "t" or just one character because "TEST" takes up more space than "t"