How long is the trash kept for?

I notice that there now is a trash function on Snap! now, so I have a quick question, until when can the trash be searched for deleted items, and when are they irreversably gone?

I'm assuming it's just when the editor is closed, but I may be wrong.

You mean the trash can just above the sprite corral? Yes, just until you close the editor, except that we are keeping a few old versions of projects, so if you realize soon enough that you didn't mean to delete a sprite, you can try to restore a previously saved version. But we only keep the most recent save, the one before that, and the version prior to the start of the current day.

The start of the current day, as of which time zone?

Probably EST from the location of the VPS, unless the trash is clientside

That's a good question, to which I don't actually know the answer... The right answer, of course, is that it should use your (your computer's) local time. I'll try to find out.

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