How does my background move when I want it to?

Hey there! I have another problem. I have my main avatar moving forward and when it moves forward, the background has to move forward as well so that it looks like the character is moving further.

Could you export the project and post the link here?

This sounds similar to this scratch project:

If you want a moving background, you don't use an official background (the stage's costume) at all. Instead you have two sprites with costumes that line up. That is, sprite 1's left edge looks like sprite 2's right edge, and vice versa. So you start with sprite 1 covering the stage and sprite 2 just to the left of the stage. You move them together. When sprite 1 falls entirely off the edge of the stage, it jumps to the left edge, where sprite 2 started.


how do you make 3d backgrounds move on snap

how do you make your background scroll horizontal

Welcome to snap, and the forums! A simplified version of what @bh has said: add 2 sprites that you want to be the background. when one sprite is no longer in the player's view (or passes a certain threshold) it teleports to the other side of the other sprite. this will give the effect that it is a moving background.