How does "microphone(spectrum)" works?

I saw some spectrum visualiser projects.. I wanted to try my own with "microphone(spectrum)" block. i dont really know stuff about sounds and how they work but.. what I see is spectrum is basically bunch of values(which is much as resolution of microphone) that is created with the moment input of microphone. but when I click it it shows all zeros.. I was like.. yeah maybe its something like 0.0001231412 stuff.. I multiplied it with few millions but still zeros.. I will focus on hardware problems & accessiblity stuff (i can play other peoples spectrum projects) if i can be sure about that im not doing stuff wrong in code;

audio spectrum script pic


try in this page if ^ still doesnt draw the spectrum

well that is weird.. I have to multiply it with around "600" or "601"... i dont know why.. but im glad i found the solution

the spectrum is the fundamental frequencies that make up a sound, from low to high

That's really odd. My microphone spectrum looks like this:

, with no multiplication. Are you sure your microphone is working?

i think it might be as they say that they can play with other people's spectrum projects?

weird. all those multiplying with "600.5" :no_mouth:

Could you share your project, so we can see if anything weird is going on?

I added it to post ^. and if its not working properly or showing extremely high spectrum.. its.. idk.. only happening to me.. might be caused byhardware problems?? idk tbh

wait wait guys im dumb sorry. its working.. I was clicking the microphone(spectrum) when project isnt running.. so it shows all zeros.. and i have no idea where 600 came from and worked.. sorry time waste :no_mouth:

the microphone spectrum block still shows data for me even when the project isn't running (though for the first time it shows all zeroes because it hasn't fully started my microphone yet)

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