How do you make the screen move

how do you make the screen move? like this one?


All these blocks will create movement.
If you need more detailed help, feel free to ask.

Although it looks like the stage moving, what you're really seeing is two sprites, both the full size of the stage, next to each other, :white_square_button::white_square_button:, that leapfrog each other to keep the image continuous.

thank you

but when I had those on the stage script it didn't make the screen move? and it just says TYPE error

I am talking to joecooldoo

The stage can't move; only sprites move...

In your example, only the foreground forest and background forest are moving on their own layer.

The character doesn't move : only a costume change

Somes blocks (like move, say, ...) aren't avalaible in the stage

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