How do you know what button is being pressed if it is defined by a name

Basically what I am trying to do is figure out how I can identify what cloned sprite is clicked based off of the text within it. I'm not sure how you are able to tell what is being clicked as you can't assign personal values for those sprites (I think).


You can assign "personal values" to sprites, that's what sprite variables are for. To create a sprite variable, click create variable, then tick "sprite variable". To use a sprite variable, set the variable before creating the clone, then that clone uses the value of the variable before it was created. All you need to do then is to test the value under a "when I start as a clone" hat.

I had no idea! Thanks for helping out!

No problem.

hey does anybody wanna explain to me if there is like a way to make it lean for 3d?

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