How do you detect if a sprite is partially not touching another sprite?

In this project, you are supposed to not be able to move off of the green square at all.
Instead, it only prevents the guy from moving completely off of the green square. He can still move around as long as he is touching some part of the ground.

How do I fix this?

off any

Look at this:

  1. check the background code (set the color)
  2. check the costume of ground
  3. check the code of dude

Create sprite "background" spanning the entire screen
Cutoff "Ground" from it.RPG Test script pic
Set it invisivle RPG Test script pic (3)
Push back RPG Test script pic (5)
Test RPG Test script pic (1)
Test project

Hey @jens and @jadga, I love how three people came up with three different solutions to this problem; you should make a video about it.

Good idea!

I put it on my list :slight_smile:

Where can we find these videos ?

on Jen's youtube channel?

i have no idea

Some of them are embedded in SAP MOOCs.

What's that ? Can we access it ?

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