How do you add images and links to your post?

I seen people add images to their post, but when i try it it doesn’t work
It says that you can do it but you can’t
I wanted to send a logo conpect

You just gotta keep reading the forum, and giving helpful replies, then eventually you'll get full access to everything.

You don't need to leave helpful replies: How can I increase my trust level on the forum? - #2

To get to level 1, you have to read five posts in two topics, and spend 15 minutes reading posts. So you'll probably do that in your first day on the forum.

He's already on trust level 1. Not sure if he still can't post any images yet.

Then when will i be allowed to post images

Drag and drop the image into the text box, or click the image button
Then if you hover over the image in the preview, you can change the image size.

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