How do make custom c block and inputs slots

my custom blocks script pic
I want to make custom c blocks and predicate holders
both are in this pic

Both of these options are in the long form input dialog:

You can access it by clicking the arrow next to the input option when creating/editing an input:

thanks a lot

here is what I got from that
testing script pic-3
testing script pic-4
testing script pic-2
testing script pic
they have nothing to do with the things I selected.

Are you sure you are selecting the correct options? For me it works:
(note: this gif has cuts to reduce filesize)

it works just fine now just had to watch the gif a few times.

fixed your scratchblocks

Actually I don't think you don't need to call the unevaluated predicate! Just put it in a slot.
EDIT: You do.

it won't work I've tried it with every spot that you can put stuff but it will not work

why did you reply to me? i didnt make the solution

it was still the solution to my problem.

ok but you didn't notify the person who made the solution.

then answer this

you're the one that made the solution and im pretty sure @sirhopsalot was talking about the solution

I made the solution after I found out what I missed in your instructions
sorry I replied to you I meant to reply to bubgamer07_bungamer0
helicoptur there was a solution on your post because I did not see that it was a quote I switched the solution and the augment can end.

how did you get red blocks is it a mod?

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