How do i upload a large project?

I've converted the project from .sb3 to .xml. I tried to save so i could upload it, but it refuses to upload, that it saying that the project has to be smaller than 10mb. The project is 51mb and i can't delete anything or the project will refuse to start.

Yes, we have a 10mb limit for cloud uploads. There are basically two things you can do:

  1. Save the project to your own computer.
  2. If the media in your project are available online, have the project load them (using the URL block) on startup.

I've been working on some blocks recently to help compress projects, but they aren't done yet.

You can compress the Snap! code, which is noncompressed text, but what makes projects too big is a lot of media files, which are typically already very well compressed.

Caution: a very large project, may cause trouble to your browser.

There is an old Snap project with images encoded as WEBP. Cloud size of this project is ~2.5MB
This project won't save, but when exported, it will have 16.5MB of PNG images.

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