How do I transfer my code from the compiler I use to Snap!?

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What's problem you are encountering?
I'm trying to transfer my code from my compiler to Snap and it doesn't work.
What have you tried that didn't work?
I haven't tried anything yet, that's why I'm asking.
Post a project example, link, or screenshot:
I don't have a project example, but I can make one in this post.

// Example- The story of Winston.

console.log("The story of Winston.");
console. log("Winston is born.")
}, 5000);
// Waits for the input time then prints the message.
console. log("Winston is 1 year old!")
}, 7500);

console. log("Winston takes his first steps.")
}, 10000);

This is the example. I can't use anything to get it in to Snap! or any of my JS code.
How do I get it in?

I'm sorry but this doesn't work. Why? Snap doesn't have a console.

Use the alert("") command.

I use Programiz for my JS compiler. It uses console, so that's why I use console.log .

No! don't use the alert() command. It'll stop the code until the user presses ok. To use console.log(), just create a global variable, set to a list named "console" then console.log() is just add (input) to (console)

I was just talking about a way to translate console.log() to snap, which is helpful to the conversation, because the original post was trying to translate javascript to snap.

Yeah, it's probably advanced stuff that shouldn't really be on the forum (or at least, in #advanced-topics ).

Programiz is kind of slow. Use a different compiler like OnlineGDB or something like that.

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