How do I take out text in items in lists?

The variable has to not be inside a ring. It could be an input to LIST for example.

Hm...please show me an example.

The // part says "Welcome to the C# Emulator!" and it just reports a "W". The "Parser" list just splits the commands in the Code Tab by lines.

EDIT: I don't know if you understand, I can post a link to the C# Emulator as it is now.

Are you getting CodeTab and CodeLine mixed up?

Just put a PAUSE ALL first thing inside the IF and see what the values of all the variables are.

But I DO want it so that I could take out the "//" from the Code but still keep the string. That is what the CodeLine variable does.

What I'm saying is that apparently your code doesn't do what you think it does, so you have to debug it, by looking at the values of variables at different points in the code, to pin down where the problem is happening.


That'll be a challenge for me...

Just takes practice!

Welp, a challenge I'm doing solo.

I think I'd might be able to work it out.

I finally managed to do it, but another problem has now arose...

I don't know how to access the "B" column in this list.

You just grab item 2 of item 2 in the list, like
(item (2 v) of (item (2 v) of (NewCode)))

Just to be lear, the first block is the column, and the second block is the row. You can set the list to list mode so you can understand how the table works.

The script in the "Script Runner" sprite doesn't work. Is that supposed to happen?

Check it out for yourself.

Well for one thing you don't understand REPEAT UNTIL, which tests the predicate before it runs the code in the C-slot. So you never run the last line of code.

And for another thing, those two things that look like watchers on the stage background aren't watchers, so they are never updated with the result of running anything.

If I understand you, you mean that the "repeat until" block sees if the predicate is true or not before it runs the code, right?

I don't know that watchers you are telling me of.

Yes, it tests first.

About watchers: Your stage background picture is two big rectangles, filling the stage, that look like watchers but don't ever actually change to reflect the values in the two lists they're supposedly watching.

I didn't really think of making them watchers though. They are just there to fill the background to make it colored.

Oh! How am I supposed to see my code and what happens when I run it?

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