How do I take out text in items in lists?

So I'm making a C# Emulator, inspired by some emulators in Scratch (I have decided to talk about Scratch now and not be toxic about it) and, basically, there is a code list and a parser list.
So let's say the code list contains the following:

//This is a test
Console.WriteLine("This is a test for Console dot WriteLine");

So if I split this up into parts by line with the parser list, how do I delete the // or Console.WriteLine(" or the '");' parts but still leave 'This is a test' and 'This is a test for Console dot WriteLine'?

BUMP (Sorry I need help ASAP)

Are we doing your homework?

The Strings library was written for just this sort of thing, in the context of scraping web pages. Check it out.

Technically no.

What block could do this?


Which block has the error in this code?

Probably Block Comment, wouldn't you say? The error message does say "inside a custom block."

There is nothing in the Block Comment though, just simply a custom block with a text input that does nothing...

Actually, let me show you the full code. That's all the code there is. (I'm not lying!)
Block Comment

Oh. Then I guess it has to be one of the library blocks. Find out which by setting breakpoints.


Edit: It appears TO LOWERCASE doesn't work there. It works for me, though.

What happens if you do this instead of what you have?:
untitled script pic (73)

untitled script pic (26)

Looks like the position of reporter hasn't been converted from JS to Snap7

It should be, and for me is, this:


I thought I just loaded the library into a project yesterday but I mustn't have loaded an old project instead

Lib reloaded - looks like yours now

Diving down - I think it's this primitive not handling non-string input
untitled script pic (19)

One fix is to sanitize the input in the library reporter

Oh yeah, one more thing - How do I made it so that the Add Block Comment command adds the string INSIDE of the Code Tab variable, and not the Code Tab variable itself?

I've just worked out what happened :slight_smile:

I did load the library in yesterday but this morning, I loaded an old custom string reporter of my own and that used the old reporter and so it overwrote the library one

Thanks -- will be in next release.