How do i stop preventing blocks from getting undefined with custom category

So i found this block (not mine)
And i tested it, and it was very cool
But when i reloaded the project, The blocks were Undefined!

Is there a way how to prevent it from going undefined?
Block link:

it's the first time i saw this block...

after some test, before you load the project, the category you create earlier must exist before you load the project

2 way:

-create a project with this block:: image
- drop the block in the scripts then fill the parameters
-run the block, the category will appear: image
-load your project after theses steps

#2 -
-import the block in your project, - drop the block in the scripts then fill the parameters, run the block with the same name and (maybe?) color:: image
-create your new block in this category
-save the project
-close browser tab

-when you reload snap the new category is absent and your block is non-existent
-load your project : your block in undefined...
-execute the block to create the category and immediately reload the project
-now, your block is defined

it's funny but i don't recommand to use this in your future project...

[sigh] Why are you so eager to turn Snap! into something else? If instead you spend your time finding out what Snap! can already do you'll learn more useful ideas and ultimately have more fun.

Here's an example I happen to have handy because Jens asked me to write it up:
Church.pdf (1.4 MB)

Oh, it can be also

  1. Export sprite as .xml
  2. Reload the page
  3. Load the project with custom block category
  4. Click in the custom category block (to add that category)
  5. Now loading the sprite into snap

I think it's just the novelty of it all. You can create your own custom blocks, which you could never do in Scratch before! Well, until 2.0, but even then it has far fewer features than Snap!'s custom blocks. Now people want to make other custom things, even if they're not really necessary. :stuck_out_tongue:

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