How do I run a script pic?

(This is a template, feel free to delete it.)

What's problem you are encountering?
I can't appear to run a picture.

What have you tried that didn't work?
Clicking on it doesn't work.

Post a example, link, or screenshot:
https :// the first post contains a script pic

drag to snap editor

Didn't work. It just got treated like a costume. (and it said "tainted by a restrictive cross-origin policy")

open in new tab then drag

Still doesn't work

UPDATE: I download and installed a browser extension that unblocks CORS, and it still doesn't work

in my browser, I have to click on the image "too make it big" then right-click and save image as

tried that. didn't work

If you click on the image in the forum, it will become full-size. Drag that image into the snap editor.

I've just got home and tried out that script and I can't get it to go "full sized" and saving it directly doesn't work either for me :frowning:

FYI in future, I'd post a report like this on the thread in question

Do other scripts work for you?

That's weird, it works for me.

I've just closed and re-opened Snap! and its now working for me as well

drag it to the script pallet

No other scripts work

what browser do you use?

(i am on Firefox)
That's what i do:

  1. (not always, just if it's nescessary) Click on script pic on the forum to enlarge-it
  2. Right click on the script pic: save as (save it where you want with the name you want, it does not matter)
  3. Select the tab of your project (snap editor)
  4. Depress the "lastests download button" on firefox and drag the file directly into the snap editor

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