How do I remove my project from someone else's studio?

Someone added one of my projects to the "Friends" studio, even though it has nothing to do with friends. How do I remove it?

I think all featured projects that are made this month(november) get put into that collection.

I think that a user is doing it, because anyone can add projects into the "friends" collection, and it doesn't make sense to have the same section twice. I think that people should only be allowed to put their own projects into the collection.

Yes, good point. We'll look into that.

I've just implemented this. You can now remove your own projects from any collection.

Nope. Check out the announcement: Topic of the Month: November

Well, this is tricky. Sometimes you want others to add projects to a collection. In any case, I'm going to modify the free-for-all collections (like this one) so that projects don't get immediately added, but stay pending our review.

Wow, that was fast! Do I do that the same way as if I own the studio?

No, I don't mean "into any collection", I mean into the Topic of the Month collection. That's why I said "the collection" (or studio, whoops, I'm used to Scratch terminology). I don't know why I would want anyone adding my projects into the Topic of the Month studio if I don't want it in myself.

Yep. Just visit the collection and there'll be an "x" icon at the corner of your project thumbnails :slight_smile:

Hmm. Let me sleep on this, but I think you're totally right. I'll do that soon, too!

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