How do i make is so it gets darker farther into the radius around the character

im making a horror type game but in order to do that i need to adjust the brightness like hes holding a torch

You could make a sprite that's 2-3 times as big as the stage, and have a transparent circle around the center.

here's what I would do, oh, and warped_wart_wars also has a good way.

mine has a sprite that covers the whole stage, and another sprite which is a circle. In the circle sprite, I have this script

first, it goes the the sprite, then it tells the black sprite to switch to the costume covering the stage, then it checks the size to make it either shrink or grow. After that, it changes the size. Then it just cuts itself from the black sprite, and since I set the ghost effect to 0, you can't see the circle sprite. I put it all in a warp block (inside the loop) so it looks like the circle is moving.

You can make the circle transparent around the edge by editing it, making it very small, and then making it about the same size it was originally.

BTW your way is better than mine.

I'm not sure what you're saying.

In the costume editor.

I now understand what you mean, and it does give off a great effect

??? Do you mean "give off"?

yeah, I'm just a fast typer so I may not have the best accuracy.

I'm also a fast (ish) typer. (Why doesn't my browser's spellchecker think "typer" is a word?)

it's not just your browsers spellcheck, mine says typer isn't a word too (until I clicked, add to dictionary)

do you mean that it will follow the sprite aka character that you are playing as

well, it doesn't have to.

i had asked that because i want it to follow the character

(the correct term is typist)

well, my script does follow a sprite. Just change the sprite it goes to at the beginning, to your player sprite.

yeah i did

Ok. I don't think I knew that until now.

It turns out it is not necessary to use the 'warp' block in your project; it will be as fast if the inner "if else" is replaced by the simple "if" statement.

oh, lol, that makes sense. Snap doesn't have to check for an else statement so it's faster. It's weird how little things make a huge change.