How do I make an exponentially increasing number?

I want to make an incremental game that is based off of numbers going up slowly to increase production but I need a number that increases very slowly at the start but gradually increases faster and faster as time goes on. How would I do that?

Edit: I will not respond immediately

untitled script pic 114

I tried using that but it increased the number way to fast

What is “too fast” that’s literally the definition of an exponential function
Try (a)^2

sorry i said that wrong, I want the number to very slowly increase so it doesn't hit infinity in 5 seconds when in a forever loop more like it takes hours to get to the millions of multiplier

nvm I can just multiply the number by 1.1 or lower to make it slowly increase

Screenshot 2023-11-10 11.31.18 AM
This works rather well