How do I make a cloud for snap fork

How do I make a cloud for snap fork

I don't myself know, but you could start with the Snap!Cloud source code: Snap!Cloud

For starters, you need a server with a lot of storage. That costs money.

not unless you have an old pc you're willing to sacrifice :slight_smile:

You still have to pay to get a domain, but it's not as much as if you were to buy storage space from some company.

not if you port forward and your fine with people having your IP addr

I did


@bh @ego-lay_atman-bay idk

I guess it depends on your goals. If you want to serve yourself and three friends, a computer at home is fine. If you hope to attract 100K users, though, you need a thicker pipe than you can reasonably get at home.



is there a different way

I don't understand the question. If you mean, is there some way to serve a huge demand without the bandwidth to support it, then no.

If you rent the space from a commercial provider, they can keep duplicate copies of everything and trade off bandwidth for storage cost.