How do i make a block script editor in stage

Why??? Does it make any sense?

On the project page it works fine. Just click run snap now and it will run snap.

how do i make it return the blocks in the script editor when closing the script editor?

Thats sadly not possible, if the HTML code is overwriten, the Snap! environment is gone.

what about write html on the left part side of the stage
does it make snap environent gone too?

will replacing the stage for an html button or textbox etc will it work or no? (example)

Sure, if your goal is to learn how to write an interpreter, or you want to make a variant of Snap! that uses dynamic scope or normal order evaluation or something like that. It's way harder than for a text language, though, because you also have to write an IDE. Scheme in Scheme is a common project, and Logo in Logo has been done too. The reason to use the same language as the one to be implemented and the one to code in is that it's a language you already know. :slight_smile:

I seriously doubt it...

I'm afraid its more a joke like "infinite mirror" (recursive Snap!>Snap!>Snap!...)

I suspect that OP is trying to set the entire IDE as a child of the stage to get some strange behaviour. Why?
Maybe as editor backpack, scratchpad, or some kind of editor accessibility enhancements. E.g. block palette in local menu, as we made with @cymplecy, once.

can i get the link to that project?

It is just a proof of concept idea - it's not suitable to release it into the wild

i guess there is no way how then
this forum is at the almost bottom of the forums page (snap forum front page)

is there any way how? its been 12 days

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