How do I improve a Snap! translation?

I'm trying to improve the zh-CN (简体中文)Snap! translation, but it seems like there are new blocks with new text that aren't in the keys. The instructions say not to add new keys though, so what should I do? Here are some of the blocks that I want to translate:
2021-04-21 (2)
2021-04-21 (3)
This may be related to

The translating instructions say to take the German translation as a template; you can add missing things in the Chinese one following that format. When you're happy with your improved version, file a PR.

Well, if I copied the German translation I would have to either copy the old translations over or translate it again.

Umm, okay, work it out with Jens...


Oh, if you find missing keys by all means do add them. Did I write those instructions about not adding keys? I can't remember writing that, haha!
Best would be a PR on Github. If that doesn't work for you you can just mail me your translation update. Thanks!

Oh. The point is that you can make up any translated strings you consider appropriate, but the English half of a key-value pair has to match the one inside Snap! exactly, or that translated block won't work. So, yeah, use another translation file as the template for missing key-value pairs in the one you're working on.

How many spaces should I use for the indent?

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